B. Domínguez Martín, J. J. Salazar Gonzalez, I. Rodríguez Martín

We study a new routing problem called "the 2-Depot Vehicle and Driver routing Problem". In logistics, it is very common to find planning problems where only restrictions for vehicles or drivers are considered. Instead, our research considers constraints on both elements. Our problem considers customers and two routes, and builds related routes for drivers and vehicles. Each driver must come back to the depot where his route started, and each vehicle goes from one depot to the other. This problem has practical applications like, for example, in air transport. We propose an exact approach for solving this problem and valid inequalities that allow us to get an effective implementation with good computational results.

Keywords: Routing, Vehicles, Drivers, Multi-Depot


F2 Routing 2
October 2, 2015  11:30 AM
Salón de actos

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