A. Alonso-Ayuso, L. Escudero, F. J. Martin-Campo, N. Mladenović

A Variable Neighbourhood Search approach is presented to tackle the aircraft Conflict Resolution Problem. The aim consists of providing a new flight configuration for each aircraft in such a way that any violation of the safety distances between each pair of aircraft is totally forbidden. In order to avoid conflict situations, three maneuvers may be performed: velocity and heading angle (as horizontal maneuvers) and altitude level changes (as vertical maneuvers). In addition to provide a feasible configuration, the response time must be as minimum as possible to be used in real-life instances. Previous works on the topic, where an exact multiobjective mixed integer nonlinear and nonconvex optimization model is used, are able to solve the problem. However, due to the difficulty on the nonlinearities, the computing time is not appropriate for real-life purposes. Then, a metaheuristic approach based on Variable Neighbourhood Search is presented to deal with the computing time reduction. Both, the local search and the shaking procedure will be presented, as well as some preliminary computational results.

Keywords: Conflict Resolution Problem; Metaheuristics; Variable Neighbourhood Search


W4 Combinatorial Optimization 1
September 30, 2015  5:00 PM
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